Thanks for the great responce from all the local people wanting to be added to this list!


We are now into the electronic age; instant mail, downloads, links to everywhere. You can hold meetings online, confirm dates in seconds instead of days, find maps to remote locations in seconds, notify hundreds of people about an event or change in seconds at almost no cost. It only works if everyone participates

I would like to hear from the people listed below. I would also like to increase the size of this list by 10 times.
I would also like to include E-mail addresses and phone numbers with a best calling time.


Best time
John Doe Newark Lakers 315-555-5555 8-10pm
Jane Roe Brock none none 585-637-0000 aft. 9am

I will enter only what you want. E-mail me if you want to be included on this list or if you don't. Do you know anyone else? There are hundreds of people in the 9-county area of Section V who have an interest in fastpitch softball.

Lynn Allen Fairport MBlazers 585.425.7351  
Mike Altobelli   23U      
Jamie August.  Geneva        
Lou Bagnara   Head Official      
Terri Bagshaw Roch. area Umpire 585.385.8015  
Dorothy Ballavia Chili ChiBas      
Scott Banning   ConMac      
Eric Benson   LadyRedWing      
Tim Bour Web WebExt 18U      
Jim Burke Gates        
Lisa Campbell Brighton        
Greg Carney Victor        
Rick Carr Fairpt. BlazersWeb MonroeBlazers    
Jim Cauley Web WildFires23U      
Tony Ciccarello   GeneseoColl.      
Pat Clark Hilton        
Rick Clark   Mon Blazers 14U 585.872.1462  
Sean Costello Roch        
M P Dewey Ch/Chi Varsity Coach      
Sam Drum Rush 14U 16U      
John Dumaw   BrockC      
Bob Ellis Fairport LadyLions14U    
Glenn Emerson Brock/Swed. Brockp. gemerso1@roch.rr.c    
Steve Enos Rush-H RushTrv      
Bob Farr Pitts Area Light Elite 14U 585.737.5194  
Bob Farrell Oswg. ASA nysasa@nwcny.rr.    
David Fedrizzi Pittsford 14U Cyclones 585.264.9846 7-9PM
Sandy Freeman Roch. 40:1      
Daron Fink   Roch Thunder      
Lynne Fretz Roch Area Frm HS Coach 585.464.0753 LeaveMes.
Dave Friel Web Web-Ext 14U      
Wayne F. Geith Roch. umpire      
Tom Glenn Candg.        
Julie Glynn Candg Candg.Trv      
Art Goodwin          
Jackie Green Fairport MBlazers18U    
Curt Haas Brock        
Amy Hargather Hilton Hilt.VarsityCh      
Jeff Harris Rush-H        
Perry Humphrey Pittsford 12U &16U      
Dick Inclima Chili        
Curt Johnson Greece CoachHS Gre    
Charlie Kelly Ont. Blazers 18U      
Rob Kersch Warsaw Wars. Thund. rsnkz@frontier 585.786.0522  
Marty Kubli PennYan VarsityCoach    
Bob Kurycki Church. 585.293.3215 9PM--12AM
Kate Kurycki Ch/Chi Jax-VilleHeal Yankee1717@aol    
Curtis Levermore Fairport MonBlaz14U rlevemo@rochester.rr    
Tim Lincoln WaterL Lady Lions      
Len Maiorani   StJohnF      
B. Maldonado Roch. 10U & 12U B.Maldonado@RocEd    
Mark Mallory Chili ChiliBB mmallory@roch 585.594.1615 6-9PM
Jim Marino Spencerp. SpencGirlS14    
George Markey Buffalo Head Official      
Sue Marozzi Victor Victor 14U      
Steve Martin Victor Victor 12U      
John Masco Brock Mr.Everything JMasco1205@aol    
Jim McGory Canandaigua Hd. Coach

Canan Academy
585.394.9183 8-9pm
Rich McNear Midlakes ASA Commis
Dist.13NYASA 315.548.2913 before9pm
Duane Mereness Victor    
George Merrell SpencP        
Charlie Millitello Brock official      
Deb Milner Spencer. Varsity Coach      
Dave Molica Chili umpire      
Joe Mondo Greece Coach Greece Athene HS    
Ray Moore Roch        
Tim Morris Pittsford Pitts.Little L. tim.morris@alcan 585.387.0398  
Joan Moss Web Web-Ext 12U      
Bob Nevil Fairport Blaz+PitchIns 585.425.7087  
Nate Norton Wyo/Gen Co 16UWNY Hurri 585.495.6242  
Derryl Nowak Haml G&T Athl 16U      
Mike O'Leary Pittsford Revenge/Cyclon 585-218-4263  
Bob Ottley Chi Flames      
Steve Passero Victor        
Geno Olivieri Brock LadyLions      
Joe Piccaretto Irond. MBlazers softballchief@hotm    
Rosie Piatek Church Flames      
Kristan Pilat   ChiliTown      
Dave Prong Victor Lady Bandits lestersp@frontiernet    
Lee Prong Newark Lakers&Newk yankeepreacher@roch.rr     
Rachel Prong Newark   yankeepreacher@roch.rr    
Paul Pilat Chili        
Bill Pucko   MonroeBlazers      
Joe Reese Pitts. Area LightElite 14U 585.727.5520  
Kimie Romeo Irond. Irond. Softball      
Paul Ruggeri SpencP CoachLadyL16      
Al Ryan Chili Blue Sox16U      
Mike Ryan          
Jeff Schwertfeger Hilton Area   Jeff Schwertfeger@Roch 585.392.6140  
ChuckSciortino Roch. CastleFireball16U 585.202.4070  
TomSeidewand     resintek@roch 585.670.9427  
Gus Simon Penfield Pen. Cobras    
Chuck SmithSr. Roch. RochMensFP      
Chuck Smith   RochMensFP      
Dean Southcott Gates        
Stephan Speno Waterloo CNY Bombers
Coach 14U
sspeno@rochester.rr 315-539-5138  
John Sturman Geneva        
John Updike Geneva        
Steve VanGorden WaterL        
Steve Wendell          
Gary Zastrow Brock BrockportTown      
more to come          
Central N.Y. Bombers 14U      
Pittsford Cyclones 16U      
Lady Lions 16U,18U      
Monroe Blazers        
Rochester Thunder        
(more to come) Please e-mail travel team names and contact data
  Mens League (open) Memorial Pk. Henrietta Mondays (summer)  
Brook House        
Sturdell Ind.        
? (need names)