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Please include me on your e- mail list as an interested softball
pitching instructor. My name is Bob Nevil and I have been involved in
area girls fast pitch for the past 10 years. I was the originator of the
Monroe Blazers in Fairport. Both of my daughters were pitchers in high
school and college( an important source of my pitching knowledge).
I provide pitching instruction on a private and group basis( currently
40 girls from 10 - 17yrs old). I am interested in pursuing the creation
of a softball complex, dedicated to girls fastpitch leagues.I have
other interested sources but need to know more about this group.I have
attempted to purchase fields for this purpose this past year. If
possible I`d like to combine resources and efforts to make a complex
like those in Syracuse possible here. Can someone contact me? I can be
contacted by E- Mail or phone, both listed below.
Thanks,Bob Nevil : 585-425- 7087

please include me on your list

Name: Duane Mereness
Area: Victor

Thanks so much--great site.

Please add myself to your list of area people. I'm a high school &
college umpire, like Lou Bagnara & Dave Molica.

Wayne F. Geith
Area: Rochester
Please add my information to your contact list.

Curtis Levermore
Monroe Blazers 14U

I have also gotten involved in trying to organize some 12U teams as well for
league and tournament play.


Thanks for adding me. I didn't realize you were managing
this site but I'm not surprised. I noticed the many Diamond
Angels pictures.

Mark Mallory , Chili Youth Baseball - Thanks Mark, I have a lot of Diamond Angels pictures, I need people to send me some of their team photos.


2-24-03 - I don't see any information on clinics on your website, where can I go to find more information on training or clinics in this area? - Vicky, Penfield area. You ask a very good question. Most clinics are held during the winter season in large gyms, or during the summer at various high schools and colleges in this area. Most clinics send info sheets to high school athletic coaches, phys. ed teachers, or the main office. Some may get posted or handed out, some may never reach the person involved with softball. Some notices may make it into backpacks or book bags and stay there. You won't find any clinics this time of the year. At this time of the year all the local high schools and colleges are involved in the main part of the softball season. Training all fall and winter, playing summer ball, clinics, seminars, etc, it all boils down to a few weeks in spring - April and May the school softball season!

2-24-03 - Please add my name to your list of area people. I'm a high school & college umpire, Wayne F Geith - Rochester

2-22-03 - I read on this site about signing my daughter up for softball and inquired in my town about it, they said at 8 years old she would be playing with the boys in a baseball league. I don't know if I want her to play ball with boys. She also doesn't want to play on a boys team. Do the boys play a lot rougher then the all girls team? - name withheld. You would ask that question. I know a lot of girls that played hardball/baseball with the boys till they were10 or 12 years old and then they switched to softball. These girls were very good softball players, they may have actually been rougher and tougher by competing with the boys. I would say 6,7or 8 years old it wouldn't matter, but 9 -12 it might be better if she was playing softball on a girls team. Although the games are similar, they are different. Pitching, stealing, base distance and the rules are different. Girls 11 & 12 in the 7th or 8th grade playing modified or freshman softball, will play under ASA or ASA modified rules. So the earlier she learns fastpitch softball the better she will get, therefore she probably will have a better chance of making the school team. You may want to try some towns around you, they may have younger girls leagues. It may cost you a few dollars more to play in another town's league (non-resident fee) but it may be well worth it. Good luck.

2-21-03 - Please add my contact information to your list. I'm the
director for girls softball 9-12 and 13-17 for Chili Youth Baseball.
Mark Mallory - Chili, N.Y.

2-22-03 - I just wanted to say the softball clinic my daughter attended, put on by Hilton- Parma Recreation last week, was very good. The coaches at the clinic made it very interesting for her and simple to understand. They showed her how to begin to pitch and she was so excited by the quick results. She is only at the modified level but picked up a lot of good information on fielding, pitching & hitting. I would appreciate any information on where she could get more individual instruction. She is very interested in becoming the best at this sport and I want to support this. - Steve S. Steve glad to hear your daughter enjoyed the softball clinic. There will be more clinics coming up, as soon as we hear about them, we will list them. As soon as the weather breaks, is planning to hold a pitching clinic for the younger girls 9 -13. We have done this for years and have had excellent results.

2-17-03 - This is my first visit to the site and wow, am I excited! I love the idea. You promote our great City of Rochester and it's surrounding area, and most importantly promote Girls/ Women's sports. I will do all I can as President of Rochester College Umpires, and the President of the Central and Western New York Board of Women's Sports to help promote this site. Keep up the good work. ---Lou Bagnara

2-15-03 - The fastpitch softball site looks real good. Very informative. Certainly looks like you guys have been busy! Jim H., Dansville, N.Y.